Here on Modern Money Matters, we enter the home of the Ocasio family. After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, the extended family decided to move into one large, multigenerational home altogether. Watch this episode to learn how a tragedy became blessing!

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Refinery29 : 3 Generations Living In A $2,000 Mortgage Home | Refinery29


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  1. Oh no, you have to put on a sweater in the winter when staying home; poor you, you can't run around in a t-shirt anymore and by that vaste ridiculous amount of ressources in the middle of the winter.
    How spoilt and entitled you are.

    Btw. while the grandfather pays the house what do the adult "kids" pay?! How is it ok for those parasites that he pays it alone?!

  2. Thx for this. I'm considering moving in with my mom for health/financial reasons, and this is an interesting perspective on living with family as an adult. We've actually considered buying a duplex together.

  3. But what happens when the grandfather passed away, if he is the one paying the mortgage each month? Otherwise it is a great idea, but you can't get comfortable with the now. You have to always plan for the future.

  4. This is normal in my family. We are black-American and we do not believe putting our elders in a nursing home. We have a huge extended family and each immediate family branch takes care of their parents/grandparents and allows them to lives with them when they can’t care for themselves due to old age and health. I love it! I can’t wait to own a huge house to have my parents and hopefully my grandmother to live in one day.


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