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RealLifeLore : 142 Nonillion Degrees; What Would Happen Next?




  1. It's just me but I think matter would probably enter a new phase if you dumped that much energy into it. Something beyond solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Hell, wouldn't surprise me if matter and energy were interchangeable at that temperature.

  2. I showed this video to my dad he has 4 phd’s in physics and he explained at that temperature the place where the heat originated would mealy followed by an explosion the same heat and destroy everything in a 50000 mile radius once this happened the rest of the universe would be effected by a huge heat wave that would be caused by hundreds of billions of micro explosions effecting everything in the galaxy eventually colliding with a planet causing so much heat it would explode the surface causing a black hole that swallows the planet and destroys earth and the sun causing the entire universe to spin out of orbit in the solar system and swallow the whole galaxy

  3. 00:40 Typical of human hubris…claiming that the best that you can do is therefore the best in the entire Cosmos. I will agree with your claim only once you have proved that no one else anywhere in the whole Universe has done better. In short, wise guy, prove a negative.

  4. I still say things could be made colder with technology or some unfathomed event in space. IF degrees of heat can go multi billions of degress upwards, how does it make sense that cold temps can not go below a couple hundred?

  5. So the coldest temperature ever observed is -273° C but the hottest is 142 Nonillion° C? That means we live in an unbelievably cold environment when compared with the rest of the universe.


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