10 Types Of Coworkers Every Workplace Has

If you read our website frequently, you’ve probably seen Elizabeth Pich’s (of War and Peas) comics featured before. This time she created a hilarious comic for a free time tracking software called toggl about the 10 types of colleagues you’ll meet in every workplace.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Elizabeth said she and her partner Jonathan have hardly worked in offices, but when they did, they tried to befriend the office dog. “That’s usually the best way to stay sane. If there is no office dog, we don’t work there,” she added.

The artist says all of the colleagues featured in the comic are based on real people. She especially dislikes the complainers for sucking the energy out of others but loves the UFO experts –  “They have the best stories.”

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Check out the 10 colleagues you will meet during your worklife in the gallery below!

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Artist Elizabeth Pich drew a comic showing the types of coworkers you’ll find in every office

Image credits: Lukas Ratius


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10 Types Of Coworkers Every Workplace Has


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