This might surprise you. Dr. Paul shares a list of the things we should never say to our children:

1. Great job
2. Practice makes perfect
3. You’re okay
4. Hurry up
5. I’m on a diet
6. We can’t afford that
7. Don’t talk to strangers
8. Be careful
9. No dessert unless you finish your dinner
10. Let me help you

Here’s the original article: By Michelle Crouch from Parents Magazine

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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Video by Nate Woodbury

Live On Purpose TV : 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

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  1. I use almost all 10 on my 5 year old. To think about it, my parents only used 3 out of 10 on the list with me and I still hate it till this day. I feel so bad. Time for reconsideration on my parenting methods. Thank you Dr. Paul!

  2. I know a mom who tells the children "you're going to be OK…" or "I don't want you to go either". She also will hold the child and say, "are you OK? Is this too much for you? You don't have to do this.." right when it was time for the dad to have the kids. It instills a fear of going to dad's without any basis for it except her working herself and the kids up into a flurry of anxiety. This sort of talk and behavior repeatedly over years has resulted in the children being alienated from their dad.

  3. Shouldn't parents let the kids know they're kids not equals. I know ppl who have let little monsters grow up because they thought everything the said and knew was superior. They are not likable people.

  4. You're never going to get a great job with grades like yours.
    Do you really think he will pass that test with that grade? 'HAHAHAHHAH'
    C'MON keep practice practice why aren't you focusing?
    Your friends are way smarter than you i wish you would be like them, you were way smarter back then.

    That's what my parents say

    My brain:
    Why am i so:
    useless sad worthless lonely frustrated
    broken dead inside upset

    I knew that:

    Life cannot be gone through without the suffer.

    I never thought that :
    I would give up
    fall into my emotions

  5. Sobrang nagviral ngayon ang taong grasa na ito matapos siyang makita ng kanyang napakagandang girlfriend na palaboy-laboy siya sa kalsada. Ito pala ang totoong kwento sa likod nito. Panoorin niyo po!

  6. Very good teaching video…Really we parents do and say so many wrong things that we are completely not aware of. When my son was young I did what I thought it was right; glad to know that many things of them I just heard in the video but still I didn't do right in other things. I feel bad about putting anxiety in my son's heart when I was myself anxiety and depressed from the verbal and emotional financial abuse for 15 years from his father/ ex husband now/… My son is 23 and he is not doing well in his study and eating habits, he is very respectful and gentleman but It hurt my heart seeing him hurting his life.
    I am relying on God and asking for His wisdom; He is the Savior of my son not me.

  7. I love your video! It is really great motivation for new mom like me. The bad or worst feeling of me "my childhood like a ghost behind me", honestly, I hate it! I don't want to threat my kid like my parents did to me, I feel trauma deeply 😢😭 I tried many times to keep positive thinking but I can't 😭😭😭 how to keep away of my childhood feelings?

  8. If there fall or something I always tell them// oh com on your not bleeding// am I saying ok or no no don’t know that/ I just don’t want them to think oh my god for everything//

  9. Wow, I just about say this whole list to my child! I never realized how my own words are affecting my relationship with my son. Thank you for helping me learn better alternatives!

  10. Thank you much Sir for giving respect by referring Sabkishiksha”Education for All”. This channel in Hindi to reach rural India so that everyone can get quality education / knowledge about parenting . Truely appreciate your refer to us

  11. My children r all grown n I'm teaching some young kids n I must say tho 'judged'guilty on many counts, the teaching here is definitely very positive n helpful, so I must b MORE mindful of what I say.Sure takes some time to change.Gotta b patient🤣

  12. My mother used to shake her head, frown and say 'I don't know where you came from.' or ask 'Where did you come from?' with judgement and disapproval clearly telegraphed. Took me years to get over the uncertainty about my acceptability, that is if I ever did.


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