This foster care video is all about the 10 selfish reasons foster parenting is the best thing I ever did. First and foremost it is about the kids but I think a lot of people think it is so hard. BUT these are my SELFISH reasons why foster parenting is awesome! I have grown so much and my character has really changed. you so much for being here, you are in the right place if you are interested in motherhood content, foster care, adoption, gospel-focused parenting/life, minimalism, intentional living. Purposeful Life.

If you are new here, then here is a bit about me. My name is Kait, I am happily married to my husband Greg and we have 3 daughters. Lilia, Marissa and Rosie who is our foster daughter.

I believe you need to live beyond yourself, but love yourself first. Sounds contradicting right? I want moms to be involved in more than just themselves and their families. To give, to love, to serve the way the Lord designed us to be. I believe self-care is important in order to help and love others well.

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I adore Jesus, my husband, children, strong coffee, influencing others to create an impact and making our house a home.

This channel has a ton of foster care content because I am so passionate about making a change in the orphan crisis. I believe we all have a responsibility and ability to do our part for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Here you will also find cleaning videos, mother and baby product review videos, intentional living videos, family vlogs, mommy routine videos, day in the life videos, parenting tips/tools videos, and Christian Faith videos. I hope you are inspired, encouraged and equipped after watching this channel!

My Christian faith is the lens I filter my channel content through and I am determined to live a life and run a business that honors the Lord. For written and photo content I would love for you to check out my blog at

I run a baby boutique – we sell foster care and adoption quote muslin swaddles, adorable baby outfits, moccasins, baby bibs, pacifier clips and teething toys. 100% of proceeds are donated to foster families and adoption grants.

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Here is the link to my Amazon store which has some of my favorite things, products in my videos I get FAQs about, as well as the link to the children’s book I wrote (Fitzy Needs a Family) which is a great tool to explain foster care to children, especially your biological children.

Thank you for being here and for checking out the channel.

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  1. I'm so happy to have found your channel! Thank you so much for your informative videos..I'm beginning the process of fostering too and feel that Christ has brought me here..And yes we need to spread His word bc these children may feel unloved…But they need to know how Loved they are by their Heavenly Father💗💗

  2. I came here to build myself up. Great video as always Kait! I've really been struggling because my husband and I are confident in our decision to do foster to adopt. My family however is starting to show their true feelings months into the process. I cannot talk to my mom anymore without her jumping on the negative and insisting that the foster care system is messed up and "they" are just going to screw me over. We finally had a placement that only lasted 4 hours but it was the best 4 hours and I was so happy and don't regret a thing. My sister instead of being happy for us made racist remarks about the child's ethnicity and acted as if we were lucky they were gone. My heart hurts so bad and I'm so embarrassed that my family is acting like this. I'm ashamed and worried they won't love my children like their own if they don't fit the mold they've envisioned. I really needed a happy video that reminded me why I'm here. Thank you 💗💗💗

  3. I love watching your Foster Care videos! They are so helpful and educational. This is one of my favorite ones! You said and listed every reason as to why I want to foster and I can relate to your feelings about miscarriage, my faith, the calling to foster – to help these precious children and to also have a more meaningful purpose in my life. 😊 The desire has been tugging at my heart strings for years and my husband and I are finally licensed. We can't wait to begin our journey. Once again thank you for sharing! ❤️

  4. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU NOT HAVE 100000 subscribers??????? My best friend is a foster/adoptive mom. Her journey has been incredible, and being an auntie to her sweet babies has honestly given me so much joy. I believe loving a child gives us a glimpse of the love that Christ has for us! You are so amazing for making these videos. Thank you!!!!

  5. This was such an amazing video! I so wish I was at the stage of life where I could foster, but I'm still at university. Foster care can look really scary, but this was super great to hear. I love hearing you talk about your faith in Jesus!! hearing you speak about it makes me want to be more bold <3

  6. Hello Kait, just barely started to subscribe to your vids..we have finally completed our paperwork after almost a year and our recruiter turned it in last week. So any day now we should be getting "the call". We r excited but sooo nervous mostly about the court issues. We feel that God has prepared us for foster care as our children are now preteens and we want to love on children who do not have that love. Thank you for sharing your story it is encouraging me 🙂 From CA,USA


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