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  1. I know parenting is a very hard thing to get done. I just hate how every time I come on your channel and click on one of your most recent videos you tend to always start them off with “it’s been awhile” or “it’s been a hott minute” and then proceed to apologize. Personally babe I don’t think you even need to apologize. You’re a mom and you’re trying your very hardest raise a child while maintaining a YouTube channel. So on my end love, keep doing what you’re doing and stop apologizing. Obviously your faithful followers (like me) have followed you through your journey. Why would we leave? ♥️😊

  2. Lmao tigeraso is a Dominican saying but I still think it’s so funny how Nassim said it. I’d love you guys do a video where you are talking you cuban Spanish. And he Talks in French. That’d be awesome

  3. I’m a new subscriber and love your personalities! Nassim’s voice sounded familiar the whole video and I realized who his voice reminded me of: drag queen Alexis Mateo. Lol. Looking forward to watch your old videos and the new ones!

  4. I’ve been here since 90-100k, and it feels so special to look at you Jess. It is beautiful that we can see you from “fuckboy” storytimes to being a responsible mother. ❤️ love you!

  5. U are the best couple ever, not even kidding. I watched this and I was smiling the whole time u two together erradiate good vibes! I love your family and I wish u the best 💖


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