Learn how to establish credit by calling a small loan company directly and building a relationship so they approve your loan. When you live a simple debt free life you don’t have a big credit history, in the eyes of the bank no credit is just as bad as bad credit. So if you want to get a loan I recommend contacting a small loan company and telling them about your situation. It worked for me and it can work for you.

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Becky’s Homestead : 1 Way to Get A Loan With No Credit History




  1. What options? I need a loan by next week been trying since last yr and nothing.. I have no credit history at all.. I have tried gofundme and now q days you get no help when is money wise… please what option are there help me

  2. no such thing as a loan a loan is back by money when a bank gives you a loan they create the money to give you i mean they actualy create it banks have the ability to createmoney every time you get a loan thats amount gets created into new money

  3. So true Becky, I dont understand that creditscore. But now, after my two sons are 18, suddenly I have a great credit score, so they think you are a risk when you are a single mother too. Which I think is just the opposite. If a single parent asks for a loan, a small mortgage. I believe the parent will go through hell and fire to make those payments, to secure a roof over the childrens head.

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  5. I just published a book. "self published" and I'm trying to advertise it myself, by selling in stores, putting up a page on FB. Meanwhile, I need a new vehicle, and I have GREAT credit. I'm getting one soon. I don't live in an ideal place or have that ideal job. I know my brother would say…"Suck it up buttercup" I really want to live small in a place similar to yours Becky. No quite Homesteading yet. I do make homemade soaps and laundry detergent going by your recipes which are very good. I have other books that I really want to publish, but I'm scared of the commitment to that job I hate so much.

  6. Hi Becky,

    Thank you so much for the great videos. I have been following you for years and I'm looking to buy land in the Ocala national forest. I've been doing research about the area people are kind of vague about the area. are you fourmiliere with the park if so can you recommend any areas towards the east side of the park?

  7. Thank you so much for the great info – I am preparing for a homestead life within 2 years, but I just thought about insurance, health insurance..and do you pay into SSN with your business I assume. I don't want to fall off the grid totally. Can you do a video on that?

  8. Becky, we love your videos so much, however, im frightened that your getting lazy with your youtube videos. your last few videos were literally 2 minutes long. not quality content. come on becky get back to doing some good videos

  9. I finally gave in after years of trying to get my credit score up and enlisted a credit repair / credit counseling company. I always thought they were bogus but I followed similar advice. I found a local company and solicited their help. My score went from 620 to 695 in 3-4 months. They wrote letters to each credit bureau every 30 to dispute things and add words. Whatever they did, worked for me. I despise the credit game. What a scam.

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  11. Hello Becky. Great advice. Traditional banks are the last place to look for loan moneys when you aren't a so-called average American person. As a person with little or no credit, I agree it is difficult to borrow money.
    In addition to your great advice in this video, one other option is a mortgage loan broker. Their expertise is finding the best deal.
    Awesome video! Keep up helping folks that want to homestead. Rob

  12. My grown boys have had the same issue because they owned their rigs and other assets out right as they paid cash outright for all of them. Then they try to get a loan to buy their first house and the banks want them to establish credit. They both have had to get credit cards and use them for a year just to establish credit. It is really a scam!

    Thanks for sharing Becky


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